Mobile game development – first steps

The market which has generated a lot of revenue in the past few years is none other than Mobile gaming. We have witnessed a lot of games on the Android and IOS version both such as PUB, Clash of clans, Candy Crush Saga, Angry birds, etc.

You can easily take some inspiration from these amazing games just how others have been inspired. Also, you can go through the survey carried out recently, which shows that more than 65% of public download free games on their device.

Let’s look at the processor development steps of creating a mobile game. They are simple and easy even for any new creator. You just need to keep a few things in mind going further through the steps. Following these steps will help you in getting the perfect and profitable game that you can make you a millionaire.

These simple steps are:

Having a creative idea for the working process:

Owning the idea and implementing it on the virtual world is not easy. But it provides you the best result. The more creative your mobile game idea is, the more you will gain popularity and success.

There is no shortcut for achieving success and you in to understand that. The idea needs to be worked out very well and has to be powerful in gaining the attention of the common people.

There is a common method where you can get the improvement in idea turn to a big success. Make it killing and something which is record-breaking.

There are a few simple yet great examples of such games. They are Candy Crush Saga, PUBG, Clash of clans, etc. These all are very fresh content in the market attracting most of the youth for playing it.


The creativity always comes with a great story if the game. There should always be a purpose for participates to complete the task/game. It can be a very simple story but always it should have various twists and some reward scheme linked with it.

Get the platforms known:

For developing there has to be something known as platform, if the medium selected is mobile.

In the same way, for mobile games, there has to be a platform selected, so that it can get the right version and processor feature. It can be Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows. Mostly Android and iOS are preferred by many mobile game lovers. So it is always better to select the perfect and popular platform for creating your game.

Make a strategy for the marketing of your game:

After creating the game and completing the design, you must get an organized plan for marketing and monetization. This has to be done before it gets too expensive to create the game and consume more time.

This can be an In-app purchase, Ads within the app or a premium version. The in-purchase system is very familiar and used by many game developers. It has become a good source of monetizing the game and earns a good amount of income.  

Choose the right technology:

You have to wisely choose the right type of development processes. Mainly there are 3 types, Native, HTML, and Hybrid. Also, there is an alternative to this.

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