History of mobile games

The mobile games do have a great history of own. The very first game that comes on anyone’s mind will be Snake launched by Nokia. It is still one of the known games.

It came into existence in 1997 on the model 6610 of the Nokia brand. So as the popularity of snake was going on a good pace. But it was not easy to buy other news games for making it come into progress.

WAP Games (Generation Two games):

Then after came the new type of games which fell under the WAP category, it was known to be Generation Two in games created for mobiles. Snakes and games like Tetris were not Generation Two, they were Generation One games. 

Wireless application protocol (WAP) was a meant technology where there was a standard development seen in the mobile devices that had an active internet connection.

Later by 1990, there was a micro browser being created having a better version of web browsing. Also in different countries, there were different mobile phones used at that time. Some popular among them were brands from Sony, Nokia, and Motorola. They were the one that had come up with adopting this WAP games.

Easy and simpler games in the ’90s:

Later, after the ’90s internet got easier to operate and there were no such social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flicker or Twitter at that time.

The process was very simple, which was of getting connected to the internet and the LAN, then after operating the game.

After that, the WAP games saw some of the issues with public opinion on it. Such issues wouldn’t have been raised if the vision of Unwired Planet was adopted by everyone.

The game Snake with part II came into existence with that phone. WAP has been greatly performing to create a simple ecosystem that will help the creator to make games and get it sold to the wanting mobile players who loved playing these games. So here it gave rise to the developers and mobile game designers where they can clearly see what they have the scope with WAP.

Games with different kinds of playing interfaces:

This technology had one beneficial thing that it was an easy process to handle the multi-player games and especially those which were being played on the board.

The use of infra-red was a great trend in those days widely used in 7110 of the Nokia brand. And this was not possible in the WAP game of Snake II.

As a conclusion, it was a great scene in the early days to look upon what we had at that time to hype compared to now. In combinations, there were generation One, WAP games, basic ecosystem and developers that have been for making great games and then sell it off at the next moment.

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